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Joomla! Community Magazine™

Helping members of the Joomla! community connect with each other and share their stories. We would love to publish yours!
  • Joomla! to attend Merge / CMS Summit 2017
    CMS Summit will bring together developers, integrators, designers, experts, and users with other Merge attendees ranging from start-ups, hosting companies, funding, digital media and legal experts to domain owners looking for advice and help with launching their site.  The conference will offer much more than sessions and training by creating a unique networking situation to drive business and commerce.

  • Joomla! On Community Leadership.
    Jab17 was an opportunity for several of our newly-elected members of OSM's leadership to meet with the Joomlers who were attending the conference in Krakow, Poland, for a drink a chat and brainstorming. 

  • A chilly Joomla! Day in Arusha.
      Welcome to Arusha, the town so calm, so beautiful, so welcoming. You should come here if you can afford it. Endless queues of tourist are arriving here in their numbers....You wonder why, but when you are here, everything makes sense, makes peace. Driving in Arusha I can see how a large, sprawling city with all of the contradictions that brings, it is, the best place to be. The traffic police standing on the street in their white uniform, very white my friend asked how they wash it, they keep it white, just like new.    

  • How to implement Google Tag Manager Environments with Joomla templates
    A problem we have faced in our Joomla development work has been ensuring that the correct Google Tag Manager environment code is being deployed with the right environments - for example in our development environments we need to deploy the container code from GTM related to the dev environment, but in production, we need the live container code.

  • Joomla Docs Team Leader: Sandra Thevenet
    In this issue, Sandra Thevenet takes us on a quick tour of the Joomla! Documentation website.  She oversees and contributes to the creation, edition of the documents, as well as their translations into several different languages. If you have a question about Joomla, this is the first place you must go to.

  • Celebrating Joomla Community Events
    This edition of the Joomla Community Magazine is dedicated to the volunteers who help to organize the various Joomla events and community groups all over the world.

  • Joomla! na Campus Party Brasília 2017
    Cinco mil aficionados por Tecnologia invadiram a Arena Campus Party em sua primeira edição em Brasília. O evento ocorreu de 14 a 16 de junho de 2017 e, como não poderia deixar de ser, a comunidade Joomla! marcou presença por lá.

  • Marketing Make It Happen - JandBeyond 2017
    One of the cool things at Joomla conferences like the Joomla & Beyond conference are the ‘Make it Happen’ sessions. These are a great way to get people at the conference involved in the contribution process. As we do every year, Joomla Marketing did its own Make it Happen. Here’s a quick look at the what happened !

  • Know what to expect in Joomla 4 - Interview with George Wilson at JAB 2017
    At the Joomla & Beyond Conference this year in Poland, the Marketing team was on a mission. With Joomla 3.7 already out and Joomla 4 just a few versions away, we had to get the inside scoop on what is happening with Joomla 4. And what better way to find this than catch hold of George Wilson - The release lead for Joomla !  So here is the full transcript of the interview. 

  • JoomlaDay Australia 2017 Recap
    JoomlaDay Australia 2017 was held in Sydney on 17 and 18 June 2017. This was our first JoomlaDay "Australia" (rather than Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc), and was organised via a joint committee comprising Joomlers from most states in Australia, in an effort to bring the Australian Joomla! User community a little closer together.

  • Fantastic International Joomlafans’ Meeting in Cracow
    It was my first J and Beyond! It was excellent! Great international meeting of Joomla! enthusiasts was held on 2-4 June 2017 at Cracow, city once inhabited by the Dragon. This is why this conference was held under the motto: "Fight the Dragon", which was the allegory of "fight" on the Joomla! Project ;-)  

  • Fighting the Dragon
    Long time ago the people of Krakow, Poland had to confront a dragon that was disturbing them. Today, we are faced with different kind of Dragons, in our work, community, family and friendship circles, sometimes we live with them and sometimes we fight them. When it becomes difficult for us to servive with them, we use every method and ways of getting them our of our lives, so that we may be productive again and enjoy life.

  • FeedBack from Administrator Certification Joomla! of the JoomlaDay of Marseille
    During the JoomlaDay Marseille on 12 and 13 May 2017, 11 participants tried to obtain their Joomla 3.x Administrator certification. The participants were all french-speaking people.

  • Joomla! Has a Faire-ly Good Outing
    Getting the word out by visiting with some younger potential users at the Manatee Technical College’s DaVinci’s Faire  

  • Join The Joomla Magazine Team
    The Joomla Magazine Team is looking for contributors who can help manage the magazine in different areas. We'd love to have you on board!  

  • JUG Round Up June 2017
    Welcome to the JUG Round Up! The JUG Team is thrilled to have added the Rules and FAQs and Terms of Service for Joomla! User Groups into Joomla! Documentation. Eric Lamy has translated them into French and Bruce Valle has translated them into Spanish (THANK YOU ERIC & BRUCE!). The goal of the JUG Team is to have these translated into as many languages as possible to help new Joomla! User Groups that are forming understand the rules and what needs to be done. This will save time in processing and approvals. If you can help translate the two documents, please just go to docs.joomla.org and register and start translating. If you have questions, let us know at jugs@community.joomla.org.

  • Joomla Leadership at the 2017 Community Leadership Summit
    The 2017 Community Leadership Summit held in Austin, Texas was both inspiring for and inspired by Joomla's new Leadership Team. Joomla is not alone when it comes to challenges of a community of contributors, but as the largest all-volunteer-managed project; fortunately, we are getting many things right. Four of Joomla's leaders both learned and shared new tricks at CLS17.

  • Retour sur la certification administrateur Joomla! du JoomlaDay de Marseille
    Durant le JoomlaDay Marseille des 12 et 13 mai 2017, 11 participants ont tenté d’obtenir leur certification Administrateur Joomla 3.x. Les participants étaient tous francophones.

  • Le nouveau sélecteur de date de Joomla! 3.7
    Depuis ses tout débuts, Joomla! propose un champ de saisie de date incluant un sélecteur. Celui-ci permet de naviguer facilement dans un calendrier, mois par mois et de simplement cliquer sur la date souhaitée pour obtenir une saisie au bon format. C'est bien pratique !  

  • New Datepicker for Joomla! 3.7
    Since its debut, Joomla! provides a date input field including a selector. It allows you to navigate easily in a calendar month by month and simply click on the desired date to get an entry in the right format. It's handy!  

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